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March 2018


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Majlis Jaksa-Jaksa Pendamai Sabah (MAJAPS) was initiated in 1989 by Datuk Nicholas Fung, the former Sabah State Attorney General and the then Chairman of Sabah Bank Berhad who was the Protem President with the late Ben Chung as the Honorary Secretary. The other founder members include Datuk Dr. Lawrence Thein Shin Hing, Datuk Tuwanku Balanggung, Cyril Yansalang, Datuk Askar Hasbollah, Datuk James Vitales, Jimmy Duis and Louis Fung.

Foreword From the President

The appointment of Justices of the Peace or "JPs" as they are commonly known is a legacy of the British colonial rule within the Commonwealth. The appointment of JPs come under Sections 98 and 99 in Part IX of the subordinate Courts Act of 1948(Act 92) which continues to be in force to date. In our State Sabah, the JPs are appointed by the TYT Yang di-Pertua Negeri. Hereby, we hope you will find this MAJAPS Portal useful. This portal is created to provide you the names and the particulars of fellow JPs in Sabah as well as the information of the Council. With kind regards always and I wish you all the best.

- The President of MAJAPS -


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